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Branding professionals do agree that without a robust virtual presence in today’s market, you’re driving all your efforts astray. Remember, self-reliant retailers need to often work with time and budget that are limited. With Repumonk’s dynamic social media management service, retailers can now exemplify their social media inputs with features like advance scheduling of their posts, which is time and money saving in the long term.

Our Specialty :

  • Social Media Management for Hotels Industry
  • Social Media Management for Automotive Industry
  • Social Media Management for Dental Doctor
  • Social Media Management for Healthcare Industry
  • Social Media Management for Retail Industry

Social Networking Facts


Of consumers tend to buy from their favourite retails online


Of consumers browse on social media for local retail search works


Of local browsers tend to use a retails that have a social media presence


Of local browsers are comfortable with Facebook for their unique local retail finds

Administer your Business Posts on Facebook Successfully :

As a business person if you aren’t in full terms with Facebook, all the latest changes and updates on “algorithm” can make your job difficult to understand the rules of posting. But linking your work with Facebook can take care of all the tasks related to developments and back stage changes, as Facebook knows how to display a link to the news feed for fetching bulk of likes and shares. Our integrated social network branding package can simultaneously throw attention at the virtual product gallery and library for setting time posts in advance, and publishing the complete albums on Facebook.

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Make Your Tweets Goal Oriented :

Coming to Twitter, it’s no doubt a sturdy platform for your retail branding for the kind of presence you can boast on social media with just a 140 character tweet in minutes. If your tweet has a purpose, it’s easy to fetch followers by integrating with Twitter. Schedule your business tweets in advance, and watch us auto-post without any further effort on your part. Our social media integration tools like the Twitter character counter helps you stay on top of your brand marketing like never before.

Pin Products that you Post :

You must pin what you promote to unlock the gate of your independent retail store to an endless interested crowd. As per Pinterest, more than 80% of pinners buy from what they’ve pinned and as per Shopify, consumers make an additional average purchase of $40 when referred by Pinterest, compared to Facebook.

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So, what stops you from pinning? Pin your buyable on your pinterest account board. Make the most of the refurbished Social network management. keeping you from pinning? Get your products, sales and inspirational content on your pinterest boards with our pinning feature. Social media management never looked so good.

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Stay Liable with Your on Posts Instagram :

As an ace retailer, you must be an early adopter with the competitive trends grooving on the global marketplace. Today, Instagram is one of the fastest growing networks that has the last laugh for its optimum brand power, something that businesses of all sizes spend years in cultivating. Did you know, 62% of Instagram users tuck to multiple brands, which literally amounts to more than half of all Instagram users who can’t do without watching their favourite brands’ pictures on a periodic basis? True.

Is your Instagram gallery giving a shout out for your retail? Repumonk’s smart social media features lets you select from a gazillion of professional and pre-captioned graffiti from our library, a great way to save your precious time and money. No more need of wasting money on professionals to design your brand high-end retail graphics for your one-of-a-kind virtual and in-app posts. Also, rely on our smart tasks and push-notifications that notifies you when exactly to go live with your scheduled posts you have saved for your Instagram feed.

Social Network Engine :

This is a revolutionary virtual marketing engine that cans mine online data published across all social networking platforms with a unique aggregator. This unified data, either text, Video, GIF, or in any form, is then hosted on the websites of the original content developers matching their original order and sequence of publishing. The social networking engine boasts of its staple functionality of consolidating the digital information from multi social networking platforms, publishing them back to their proprietors’ portals and curating them into better searchable options under one roof.

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This way, you can save your users from a big or deal of going to different social media platforms for finding all your virtual publications right from their bona fide publishers who too can archive their original virtual content on the irrespective portals using this engine to seamlessly backup their entire branding ventures. This dynamic functionality makes Repumonk an enviable virtual branding machine today.

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Data Mine your Social Media Contents :

As already said, Repumonk is a remedial approach when you aim to unify your social networking data, from all your virtual platforms, publishing those data, to a single one under your tight sealed grip. We can unify all your Instagram, Tweeter and Facebook posts from day one of your digital branding.

This comprehensive approach to your branding on social media can help you pinpoint all your promotional spree with a promise of return from all your social media investments.

All Your Social Media At One Place!

As a retailer, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and keep up with trends in the industry. Instagram is the fastest growing social network and can also boast incredible brand power, it’s something all retailers (big and small) need to spend time cultivating. 62% of users on Instagram follow multiple brands – that’s more than half of all Instagrammers that are actively seeing their favorite brands’ images on a daily or weekly basis.

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Add Volume To Your Website Posts!

Your weighty contents on social media will help searchers find and filter all your posted content seamlessly under one roof from across social media. This will, in turn, accelerate your SEO rankings and optimize your digital asset optimization on social media.

Advantages :

  • Now, you can fetch all your social networking contents, scattered across multifaceted social media platforms, under one roof. This will, no doubt, add clarity and improve readabilityof all your virtual posts with ease for your clients.
  • We integrate, consolidate and synchronize all your social media postsat a regular interval. This ensures your Social Media URL never reaches its term and stays up to date and Live.
  • Now you can even forestall your followers from getting diverted to your opponent sites and products while they use a particular keyword/s to search for your products on a common social network platform.
  • We optimize your pages individually before each of your individual posts are published. This substantially adds weight to your contents and dynamically boost your SEO rankings.
  • We fully integrate your organization workflow with your social networking ventures.
  • Create bonds with your clients and stay engaged always.
  • Now your product has an extended and global marketplace.