Online Review Responding

We can answer back your good or bad online feedback's.

Have you been able to manage through all your feedback’s and rankings online? Today, more than 70% of customers rely on a business based on its share of positive feedback’s. Repumonk Review Management is a reputation monitoring virtuoso online, designed for your exclusive area based retailing. Now nail feedback’s across all social networking platforms and respond to your clients faster and smarter than ever. Remember, your reputation can take you a long way.

Smart Feedback Answering :

A smart answering of your feedback’s are all easier now with Retail Review Management and its artificial intelligent mechanism that picks up smart response from a bunch of suggestions auto filtered by the subject and the sentiment of your customer’s feedback.This technology runs on the analysis of past responses on feedback’s and generates replies aligned to your brand prima facie, wasting no extra time and money.

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One leverage Platform for All Feedback's :

Our intuitive dashboard is a smart addition to addressing all your feedback’s that your brand receives across different networks. No matter which browser, search engine or website your feedback comes from, you are always ready to make your customers happy by sending them your warm response instantly.

Strategizing Feedback Response :

Every retail needs a feedback disbursal strategy at some point of time. If you are clueless how to commence, give it to our Review Management for Retail section that can collaboratively engineer its rock solid feedback reply strategies to make your job easier for managing and responding to your customer feedback’s.

  • Edgy yardstick for your feedback’s
  • Surveil and reply to feedback’s with issues
  • Goal-oriented customer engagement drive
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A synchronized dashboard is less time consuming :

Stay abreast of what your clients have to speak about you and the brand with Repumonk Review Management. Also get the true reflection of your buyer sentiment across multifaceted channels. Curate social media, blogs, video streaming sites, various online sources and 40 plus stalwart feedback platforms in an integrated, user friendly dashboard.

  • Feedbacks from different channels unified in a single dashboard
  • Monitor and update replies directly
  • Improved analytics across your available social media data.
  • KPIs based action driven goals.

A workflow that monitors your brand reputation :

Allocate tasks and handle responsibilities faster with Retail Review Management that promises to automate the whole feedback management process flow for you. Users find allotted “actionable items” to quickly jump to feedback solutions. You can allot both manually or depending on your keywords and feedback ratings. The rolled-up display leaves the feedback managers with an ease of transactions in seconds.

  • User grants for protection and work process management
  • Dynamically or manually allot actionable tasks
  • Giant team goals for crafting and monitoring KPIs
  • Jot down comments, responses, and actions all in one place
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Consolidated, All-inclusive feedback Monitoring :

Repumonk’s Review Management for Retail comes with a concentrated dashboard for your online feedback trend and standard delivery assessments. No matter how many locations you already have, this powerful tool helps you discover your areas of excellence and improvements at a glance. This tool makes sure you have a grip over every customer and location that have a mention about your retail.

Learn and reign with Cutthroat Bench-marking :

Repumonk Review Management takes it a step further by making most of the local listings across major to minor or specialized to simple directories. It even allows you to optimize and increase the attention each one of your locations grabs.

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Build enhanced Insights from Automated Sentiment Analysis:

Accumulate assessments to gain a fair insight into how your clients are feeling about your brands and services. It may be via site wise breakdowns or an overall summary that you can feel attracted to the local performance to outperform the averages.

Moreover, your quantitative takes are going to be substantial on the qualitative reports of customer feedback’s on sites with zero granular ratings.

A Client’s Experiences can be your learning stopover for service improvements :

Whether you want to sneak peek or gaze dipstick at your client sentiment assessment data and overall summaries, no one can take care of your need for location specific coverage on operational outcomes so perfectly than our Retail Review Management, anytime, anywhere.

When it comes to analyzing the impact of newly launched operations or adaptations, the same stands true for the organization wide reports. With us, each of your virtual feedback’s become an asset that can drive major client oriented adaptations across all sectors. This is a two-edged sword while trying to save your time and focus on one side, and aiming for higher results and returns on the other.

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Your Caring Attitude can Build Client's Trust :

This is the best way to start slow at your new location and inspire your existing loyal buyers to counsel and bring fresh buyers online. This way you will not only gain repeat customers for your business, but their good will and trust for your brand will bring more external recommendations your way. A business with a caring attitude can always stand apart in the eyes of its customers and in public as a whole.

In a nutshell, Repumonk’s Review Management for Retail is the smartest answer to optimizing effective locality based virtual reputation administration, a need for every next level business.

Issue Acknowledgement :

  • Reimburse the reviewer
  • Invite him/her to discuss the issue offline
  • Robust Virtual Image
  • Build the trust