Online Review Generation

We can Generate and Handle online feedback's for your retail!

Repumonk Review Management offers the platform and the process flow to dynamically address your potential clients ready for a new review. Our on boarding team can help you tailor new feedback requests with your chosen colour, logo and custom message to smoothly process or upload the client contents. And, we will just process a request to reflect the same on the targeted dashboard. Want to overwrite a poor feedback on a single platform? Just request it to unmistakably reflect your brand without choice.

Get feedback's, boost rankings :

Accumulate reviews from your every single customer visiting every single store by requesting them for an auto text feedback-post the transaction. With a single tap, customers will be automatically redirected to the top notch feedback portals to post their reviews on the global platform. Rip advantages of testimonials by auto-promoting your collected feedback’s to your retail portal, blog, and other social media platforms.

Social Media Management for Dental Doctor
Social Media Management for Healthcare Industry

Maximize internet traffic to pull in a walk-in audience :

Some searches can really work like magic when you want to position yourself at the top by holding onto your virtual presence consistently across all internet platforms. Repumonk Review Generation tool helps you maintain accurate and valid business data across more than 50 consumer retail directories and sites.

To stand apart even on platforms like Google, have all your feedback’s flashing right beside your retail search results. We could even create you a bespoke feedback micro-site for all your business locations showing your feedback’s from across 250 portals and more. The best thing is, it’s search engine optimized and integrated with Google index to bring out at least one out of all search results on the page.

Let your expert client niche move another step :

Let all your stores become the lubricated smile craft machines for each one of your clients with role-wise dashboards set at each location. With Repumonk review generation system, new feedback alerts can be automated right to the mailbox of your individual staffs to let them-redress grievance in no time leaving every customer more than satisfied before they leave your desk.

Social Media Management for Hotels Industry

Now instantly ticket and track all your customer complaints under one roof, across feedback sites, social networking portals, emails and many more, by stream lining all your collaborative efforts.

Social Media Management for Restaurant

Your social attendance is a must :

Tags or no tags, a real-time tracking of the social briefs of your every single customer with Retail or restaurant or for any business is a must. Get access to rich User Generated Content by constantly engaging with Feedback’s, comments, pictures, and more online. Identify impacts to maximize customer engagement and monitor conversion of every prospective conversation into a potential sale.

Better your craft at store operations :

Repumonk Review Management can convert your raw and unsorted customer reviews into actionable business insights. True! This can be your stand-out opportunity to probe the dipstick client sentiment, nail the fixable areas and maximize positive comments. Also get an access to your competitors’ client insights to set a yardstick of performance and capture chunks of market share opportunities.

Social Media Management for Retail Industry
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Inspire your floor performers:

Redesign your training goals and processes to promote a customer-centric work culture. With Repumonk review management, you can apply filters to find reviews based on employee names, and update the same to your employees by sharing reviews with special mention of them for building their insights.

More feedback’s = better the sales

Consumers always prefer reviews over ratings. For ex., two things can have same ratings, but not same feedback’s.

Setting up an Email Template:

Email is one of the most time tested methods of driving clients to your retail feedback pages. Here, Repumonk Review Management can help you design and setup an email widget that can usher users across your social media and search engine pages. We also deploy survey questions to estimate the chances of 5-star feedback’s from your customers.

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Bespoke Survey Questionnaire :

Our Review Management team can contribute bespoke survey questionnaire in specific email widgets for gaining filtered and better customer insights based on pre-set criteria.This way filtering your email list after your positive critics can carve out better opportunities for your business to accumulate 4-5 star ratings on an average.Also, don’t miss our immaculate efforts on collating precious reviews that can suggest significant improvements for your business.

Feedback Page Selection :

With our Review Management, you can now have full control on pages where your customers leave a review.You can even change your inputs to modify the targeted feedback page on command. So after you’ve managed to bag a gem of a feedback’s from one prominent social media site, there are others to add 5-stars to your business.

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Email Requests :

Administering and optimizing your email feedback requests is no more an ordeal as we promise to get your email requests of all sizes sorted to multiply your feedback generation possibilities.

Text/SMS Message Requests:

If not emails, you can also prompt your clients to leave their valuable feedback’s through text or SMS alternatively. For some, certain types of retails and their customers, text reviews could instantly skyrocket the process of positive feedback generation.

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Portal Testimonial Template :

With our Review Management, you just don’t fetch volumes of feedback’s on platforms like Google, but also publish the good ones from your doting clients directly on your site. To put it simply, you can now see all your 5-Star feedback’s flashing where they should be. In other words, we can custom fit your specific feedback’s on specific areas of your retail site. For ex. a dentist might choose to display her patient feedback’s on restorative dentistry right on the page that talks about dental restorations only.

Virtual Feedback Monitoring:

Finally, supervising the feedback’s from your potential clients on your retail can be your last resort to feedback generation.In fact, feedback monitoring is instrumental to your virtual reputation maintenance and reciprocation. Being au courant on your clients’ views about your brand, can help you avoid any possibility of a negative feedback.


Advantages :

  • Multiplyclient feedbacks on relevant sites.
  • Custom-tailor everything
  • Automate work processes
  • Sync and interact with your CRM
  • Fix and chase quantitative goals
  • Insightful reporting.