Online Presence Builder

Creating a robust presence online is the trick! We can get your eatery covered in the local Search engine optimization

Create a sturdy presence online with the Repumonk that ensures you get a personalized service with a portfolio manager assigned to you round the clock. He will be the one point contact for your campaigns, queries, and success meter analysis of each campaign every month. You will soon understand how flawlessly we can devise a synergy between technology and skilled man force that can deliver their promises of return on your every investment.

Precise listings :

Expect to drive your target segment by correct listings, when they browse for a local retail online. Otherwise, it will hamper sales, create an array of disappointed consumers and deteriorate ratings. As per record, 73% customers have admitted that they find those retails with wrong information most unscrupulous. So, owning a correct set of listings is imperative to your local branding spree.

Delete Negative Yelp Reviews
  • 80% of customers trust in SEO platforms for local information including retail address, homes and road guides.
  • 50% of correct searches on mobiles can result in zero leakage footfalls to the retail pages within the same day.

With Repumonk, you can now generate and curate correct retail listings, across an established chain of listing portals under one roof.

Create and settle your retail listings with just a click

You can now easily create your brand appearance on a trusted network of more than 70 search engines, social media platforms, retail directories, and more! Trust us.

Save your listings from the third party alterations

Remember, your rivals, information aggregators, and external third parties can always choose to man-oeuvre your retail listings behind your back. But rather, we allow you to keep calm with our sync technology automatically re-fixing the changes back to your original listings when a single change occurs.

Link to popular search engines and social media platforms for free

Yes, you are right! We can offer you an amazing portion of ease at refreshing your retail listing information on social networks and engines like Google, Facebook and Twitters for no extra cost.

Manage no-stumble updates from a single platform

Now manage all your retail updates from a single place with the Repumonk Review Management. Hence, no more hiccups while guaranteeing your customers the most recent information when they find you in their search.

Delete Negative Google Reviews

Glam up your presence to attract Consumers & Search Engines :

Google says, you have high chances of losing your prospects with an au natural and mobile incompatible browsing experience. A portal not synced with mobile, can leave customers brooding and disappointed, which will instantly flip your business impression down.

Google is never wrong. A mobile integrated website is a must for businesses of all sizes. What’s more, with Venue Pages, your clients will track your business location, contact details and other information more easily.

Interactive Design :

An interactive design can help your business portal fit into any screen size with a pixel-perfect resolution, a preferred option by Google. With Repumonk tools, you can now rest assured about leaving each of your customers happy with their every single browsing experience. After all, location pages had never looked so great before.

Respond to negative Google Reviews
Respond to Negative Yelp Reviews

Link It Easy :

Link your portals, pages, feeds and blogs with Repumonk Review Management that will help you connect and synergize all of them through a single location page making sure your visitors don’t miss a glance.

One-step Create :

Our Digital marketing strategy promises an ease of the transaction when you add, append, delete, edit, or upload any page, content or image on your portal. You can even opt from a wide range of throttling designs more easily. Further, the smart formatting features will keep your business location page auto updated without taking you through the intricacies of the editing procedure.

Respond to negative TripAdvisor reviews
Respond to Bad Yelp Reviews

SEO, A Must :

As said earlier, Repumonk provides you a personalized account manager who monitors and evaluates your website and keep you posted. This is actually to determine whether your technical advancements are boosting your brand’s natural ratings or not, as per SEO.

Read the following:

  • Back end’s SEO Optimization
  • Content Rich with Keyword
  • Building the Meta Descriptions, New Content Pages and Page Titles strategically
  • Strategizing On-Site Recordings
  • Creating and Curating Social Media Profile

Managing the Local Directory and SEO :

As a start-up, stay focused on targeting and optimizing your local keywords and listings including NAP and others. Today’s local directories sometimes pose a serious threat to your brand’s reputation with fake and duplicate info unless monitored continually. You can lose more than 70% of consumers due to the misleading listings of local retails. Here, our Reputation management can manage and fine-tune more than 50 local listing portals to keep you out of danger.

Respond to Bad Google Reviews

It allows you the following…

  • Evaluate, Fine-tune, and Curate more than 70 Local Directories
  • Strategizing Amplified Rich Directory Content
  • Identify and remove Repeat Profiles
  • Instantly Adjust Retail Information
  • Deploy Analytics on Local Directory
Online Review Generation

Maintaining Your Brand’s Reputation :

Building your way up to reputation and maintaining the highs can actually add rewards to your online retail by ushering fresh business opportunities. With Repumonk Review Management, you can craft collaborative strategies to ensure your content customers end with a happy note about you just at the right place. We will also support you detect and manage with the substantially bad feedback’s that have even the slim chance of messing with your brand’s reputation online.

Offline or online, it takes time, money and care to create a brand as positive as you want. Here, reputation is another staple concern that needs a daily attention and we stick to this Bible rule.

Link Building :

Accumulating incoming links from honorable portals is instrumental for the SEO, which can add a time-tested competitive edge to your brand. Thanks to our Online reputation experts that understands the true value of a link in terms of the SEO and can acquire it driving your Business to the maximum profitable end.

Our strategies take care of the following:

  • Link Analysis of Competitor
  • Link Collection, Management and Restoration
  • Community Search
  • Link Health Review
Review Generation Tool

Advantages :

  • Visibility online.
  • Information and listing is up-to-date.
  • Website connected to the listing across networks.
  • Listings protection from third parties.