Retail Dashboard

Let us know you and your Business needs to serve you better

Stay updated about your business venture outputs to not miss out on the flows and the ebbs of your everyday retail performance, review conversations up-close and engage with your customer continuously.

Dynamically surveil Top-rated Review Portals :

Link up your business dashboard to the high-ranking and feedback sites with the Repumonk Review Management, and directly fetch review updates on your brand. Get notifications through mails and text messages about new feedback or rating, which will be embedded as screenshots within your dashboard displaying the same.

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Live Text Message Review Notifications :

Now you can real-time track all your latest feedback and ratings from the new customers with our Retail Review Management tools. Receiving notifications through text messages will keep your business updates at your fingertips. Now, revert back to any popping issue from your potential client instantly to stop them turning into a grievance.

Live Email Feedback Notifications :

Stay on top of your recent reviews with our Review Management system for Business and get email alerts activated on your internet browser or smart phones.Now you can have full control on how your team receives alerts and information about the customer name, ranking, contacts, and reviews. This will inspire the team the moment they get a new 5 star feedback pop up.

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Update New Employee / Staff Emails for Alerts :

Now keeping all your company staffs in the same loop with you is easy like never before with the Repumonk Review Management. You can do it by creating new email addresses for them, allowing additional notifications to directly nest in each mailbox. This is a time tested method when you want to shoot up custom email notifications of new reviews and feedback’s to any part of your work group or a staff in specific.

Manipulating Negative Ratings and Feedback Work Process :

Lay back and relax as all your grievances and negative reviews from now on will be highlighted with our Retail Review Management apps so that you can instantly resolve any problem with your client.

This process will ensure that your team will take the necessary disciplinary step to quarantine any customer concern in no time. For this, consider having a look at the old stored data of your customers so that you can resort to your repairing actions more quickly.

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Reputation Management for Car Dealer

Keep yourself posted instantly the moment a negative feedback is posted :

You can’t afford to escape a bad review no matter how great is your brand. But our Review Management for Retail, with a sturdy vigilance, can immediately update you when a single bad feedback pops up about your brand across any of the feedback sites on the internet and start preparing you for a perfect reply. We will help you to work your way to an expert response to make your customer happy and host it automatically to the target site as you allow us.

Engineer flawless client service through professional replies :

Research shows that bad feedback’s don’t always come with a bad repercussion for your brand, they can be building you up at times! In fact, current studies show that these types of feedback’s can allot some substantial amount of authenticity to your virtual reputation. But the most important of all is how you react and manage a bad feedback. Retail Review Management demand to bestow their time tested skills in designing be spoke response to all bad feedback’s for your esteem brand, which they can automatically post on your behalf on approval.

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Now espy each of your feedback's with a bespoke dashboard more easily :

Gone are the days of your or deal to collect all your feedback’s across the networks. Now Repumonk Review Management can create and fine-tune your online profiles on staple review websites more dynamically. Also get your very own bespoke reputation dashboard that can accumulate and manage all your feedback’s across all reputed portals giving you an anytime access.

Promote good feedback's :

Make no mistake to give your good review a shout out to let everyone know how your brand is doing. Here, our Review Management for Retail can make your job half the easy by filtering the positive feedback’s to create the first blush for your target audience.

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Observe your business reputation :

Track all your brand feedback’s across blogs, news, social media and scraps. You can even do it smarter with Repumonk’s automatic sentiment analysis tool that locks your attention to the most head turning comments.

Collect leads and cocoon the opportunities :

Gaining an insight on your consumer behaviors and needs on the social networking sites, can help you create a profitable bond with them. Our built-in email branding tools and CRM can accelerate your job in this case.

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Add volume to your revenues and profits :

Stand out of the competition with more five star ratings and feedback online, which will not only improve your search engine ratings, but will pull more traffic too. Our follow-up feedback can further place you on top across the listings and the feedback profiles online.

Advantages :

  • Select and verify your feedback profiles online
  • Heighten and post your rating
  • Continually surveil your feedback’s
  • Enhance your positive feedback’s across sites
  • Synchronize and automatize your feedback solicitation
  • Opt out negative feedback’s
  • Instant response to reviews
  • Continually monitor and report on your reputation
  • Multiply your revenue and earnings