Online Review Management

Regain your brand strength from unscrupulous feedback's.

Stay aucourant with Feedback observance :

With the help of social media and search engines like Facebook, Google, now a days there’s no dearth of places for your customers to leave a review online, and with millions of links directing to millions of websites, keeping pace with these reviews and recover the bad reputation is more than difficult. Here, Repumonk Review Management can target and sync with your destination websites to monitor and fetch all your feedback’s from every scattered location into one leverage storefront to keep you abreast of all at a go.

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  • Discover the unexplored feedbacks and reviews
  • Fine-tune client service and brand image with timely responses
  • Target grievances as your staple improvement areas in business
  • Roll out apologies and incentives to retain back your disappointed customers
  • Generate fresh clients for your business by hosting positive reviews through SMM
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Collaborate with your clients to their favour :

Now encounter all adverse reviews and reward all your satisfied customers with just a click with Repumonk’s Review Management. Generate response on Repumonk or go to your original review page directly, both ways Repumonk carries on your conversations, develop a better bond with your customers, and prove your engagement to both the clients and the prospects.

  • Seamlessly join and reply queries across multiple windows and platforms simultaneously.
  • Train your entire workforce to post ‘on brand’ replies instantly.
  • Accumulate more reviews and ranks to score up visibility on mobile.
  • Impact customers’ choices by engaging care at every step.

Streamline and hone your brand’s grip :

Letting franchises or other third party agents intervene and revert back to your customer feedback’s could significantly make the grip of your brand fragile. Here, RepuMonk’s adaptable Review Management processes can complement your retail procedures and controls and let you grant users an access to the client reviews exactly the way you want.

  • Own fresh customer
  • Identify process revisions
  • Impact every conversation
  • Gather all your online reviews under one roof.
Remove Bad Review from Treatwell
Delete Bad Review from Treatwell

Responding to Feedback's :

Reviewing customer feedback’s can be a smart solution to engage with clients, manage reviews, and steer the short-length marketing goals for your brand. Retails that carve out special room for reciprocation’s have greater chances of standing out of the competition. With RepuMonk’s Review Management, now you can easily increase customer loyalty and business as your local customers will be able to reply to all the online feedback’s with scrupulousness.

  • Creating a sturdy appearance online
  • Collect customer reviews
  • Cultivate trust
  • Speed up client conversion

The more reviews, the better:

Repumonk Review Management can significantly add to your efforts in the client review collection via website, email, or text message request as well as Facebook Business links. What’s more, you can even upload your handwritten sheets of customer reviews with the review upload link.

  • Robust web presence
  • Client Engagement
  • Improve virtual visibility
  • Promote the brand
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Be strong on Social Media :

Engaging on Social Media platforms like Twitter, FB or LinkedIn can keep you close to your social media updates, recommendations, suggested for your brand, which can be converted to active reviews. Repumonk’s Review Management can also automate this process for their real-time tracking, evaluation and permission before you finally host them on your portals and social media platforms.

  • Proprietary buyer research and surveys
  • Business Insights
  • Review updates from search engines and social media
  • Collect Referrals

Incremented Sales :

Notwithstanding the fact that customer review forms a staple part of the selection procedure when it comes to a new customer choosing a brand over its positive reviews attributed by its old customers, it’s also an on growing significant aspect of a location’s database. Hence, without a wholesome review set, your brand will find no competitive exposure over its well-reviewed local competitors in local search results.

  • Opponent Analysis
  • Product Advertisement
  • Brand insights
  • Collect Data
  • Sales perception
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Advanced tactics for review management :

90 percent of consumers trust on online reviews more than any personal recommendation. If there is any bad review or negative reviews than it will create a negative perception on the visitor. It is very hard or impossible to satisfy each and every customer who are doing business with you, which will create high risk to get the bad reviews. We as a reputation management company can Delete Negative Yelp Reviews, Delete Negative Google Reviews or to any reviews sites, boosting up ratings and reviews, removing any negative feedback from customer in order to avoid any negative perception and your business will not be judge by any negative online feed back.

Handling Negative review :

RepuMonk can help you find the root cause of negative reviews with our cyber investigating team. Our expertise can help you to Remove Negative Angie’s List Reviews, Remove Negative Facebook Reviews or from any reviews sites and assist you put your expected implementation and changes in your system simultaneously so that it would occur again. It will lead you to improve your customer satisfaction and help you to get revise or delete those negative reviews, so that your rating should be always high.

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