Online Review Management

Do you browse online news portals and offline newspapers daily? If you feel that after reading 2-3 newspapers and flipping through a few online newspaper portals, you are well abreast of every happening in every cranny around the globe, then you are wrong.

Do you consider it to be an easy task of keeping track of all the reviews you get on social platforms from your valuable customers? If yes, then how? There are numerous forums on the global scale and obviously, on such a magnanimous scale the feedbacks will circulate in thousands. In this context, it becomes mandatory to have a proper review management system where you would be able to get access to every review posted by customers, thereby, gaining knowledge about how your brand and your product is performing among masses.

At Singa Digital Branding Services, our expert team makes evaluation of your image online while helping you to implement a perfect strategy so that you are able to take the business to a new paramount.

Review Notification
For each withdrawal or deposit you make, SMS notification will be sent you your registered mobile number. In the same way, you will get 24/7 review alerts regarding all the good or bad review posted about the product or the brand.

Detailed Review Reporting
On every month end, you will get auto-generated detailed report on the review or feedback activities by customers online. The account includes useful contents where you will also get to know about the creation of customer accounts during review posting.

Why Review Management Is Important :

What will be your reaction if a person all of a sudden hits you while you were taking a walk down the road? Would you confront that person or just keep walking as if nothing happened at all? Well, walking by is not an option since you are not insane, so you would talk to him.

Similarly, for example, when the reputation of your restaurant is going down, you will try to delete negative reviews from Google or Yelp or any review site for restaurant by all means to make things work smoothly. People these days are tech-savvy and they will not think twice before posting a bad review on any online platform, which will ruin your business reputation. If you aim for long run, then think about managing customers’ comments as an indispensable part of business management. In this context, you should learn to manage reviews strategically so that your company reputation is not hampered.

Various types of review management programs are :

  • Monitoring Review (good choice)
  • Automatic management of reviews (better choice)
  • Review management augmented by human (the best option)
  • Remove negative reviews from Google, Yelp and more…
  • Generate Online Reviews and boost your positive ORM.

Always Encourage Reviews of Customers :

You should motivate users to share feedback’s online as their reviews act significantly in creating a specific perception about the product, which influence other users too. You need to apply certain techniques :

Ask For Customer Feedback :

Suppose you are owner of a hotel and while the clients check-out, be generous and polite to ask them for sharing their feedback online. The review management for hotels relies on you; so, make sure not to be over-persuasive to get on their nerves. The clients should feel that it is up to their wishes to post a genuine feedback. Make your website user-friendly so that rating on website or social networking platforms becomes easy for them.

Let Users Access Review Easily :

In order to encourage customers in purchasing your product or availing your service, make the reviews accessible for public. In case of review management for hospitality industry, you need to make the reviews easily accessible as people tend to verify reviews and judge the authenticity of service according to the customer reviews posted online. Moreover, the customer reviews will also help you creating new client base with those customers who were influenced by the reviews to invest on your service or product.