Enterprise Complaint Management System

We assist retails with any dimension to boost visibility, get more traffic and increase business viability.

Enterprise Grievance Management :

Repumonk’s Complaint Management System is a niche and robust consumer service suite that allows retailers to manage their customer grievances and reviews under one roof with a company-wide approach. With its Marketing Solution, you can capture all types of feedback’s systematically in an undisputed analytical manner and create areas of improvements for increasing your buyers’ satisfaction and your commercial profitability.

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This Enterprise Complaint Management System can easily synergise with other retail systems and metadata to allow build a hub of consumer intelligence and standpoint of excellence for taking your approach to redressing complaints and managing consumer relationships to a steady high level across the company, no matter what size is your business.

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Staple Features :

If you want to add strength to your multi-platform contact capture, workflow management and retail processes integration, our core Customer Complaint system you are getting best reporting and analytical tool.

  • Improved customer experience
  • Full configuration flexibility
  • Seamless synergy
  • All-inclusive reports and alerts
  • Curated workload

Grievance Management :

A sturdy grievance management system is the backbone of a healthy and profitable relationship between you and your potential audience. Repumonk’s Complaint management system boasts of its artisanal craftsmanship in a flawless grievance redressal system that helps retailers with a persistent and synchronized approach to tapping, curating and analyzing grievances and feedback.

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Cradled from our award-winning grievance management deck, all solutions fullycomply with legal bindings to maintain well observed workflows, accountable key business decisions and securely reserved documents.

What’s more, our time tested grievance management forum integrates with dynamic social media tools to deliver its promises of a highly compliant, sturdy and scalable solutions for your smart tracking and recording of consumer complaints everywhere from a notification to a resolution with the most secure and efficient processing. This entire workflow,with its unparalleled analytical potentials, also ensures that you are able to create delight for your customers at every single step, contributing to your retails profitability in bounty.

Today, our Enterprise Complaint Management System software is used in a wide array of sectors by retails of all sizes, be it an enterprise, an SMEs, a financial service, a telecom or more.

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Brief to your unique retail needs :

Most of the organizational processes are over too unique to pinpoint an instant solution. Here, our Complaint Management System adapts to cater to the most unique retail needs of yours,driving all your retail operations to a positive end and keeping compliance regulations intact. Our highly configurable customer grievance solution steers a never-ending process of improvement for your retail product quality and successful consumer reach,keeping your bespoke organizational needs in mind, which will also keep you beyond compliance limitations.

Automation of Alerts :

It’s time to automate your grievance redressal unit with our Complaint Management System that can automatically set alerts about the slimmest-non-conformance happening at your place, as per the norms of FDA and other global agencies. Through Repumonk’s formal complaint management flow, retailers like you will be able to report any nuisance regarding major injuries, death, adverse repercussions or any serious issue relating to medical device, drugs, more that is coming under your redressal purview.

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Mobile Apps :

Retails of the next level require a smooth scalability of operations on any device, especially the mobile devices, and more so when the system is offline yet offering various functionalities like recording, investigations, report analysis, customer communications and more. Here, Repumonk’s Complaint Management System offers one-of-a-kind mobile apps that are, widely available on the select virtual app stores like Google Play Store and others, available for your easy download as a custom-built mobile application which brings a bundle of custom app icons, application names, logos, flash images, and bespoke releases. These kind of dynamic mobile apps can significantly improve the app branding efforts with your full freedom to choose various settings as per your unique retail preferences.

Multitasking Skill sets :

Absence of a stalwart customer grievance management software system in your business will not only usher negative impacts on everything, including quality, adherence, protection, vulnerabilities, efficacy, and costs, but also result in a crippled consumer communication. Repumonk Marketing Solutions offers adaptive management, version management, automation, and workflows to interact, identify, track, and deploy any requirement skyrocketing consumer success, improving product quality and protection, slashing off product recalls and ensuring full compliance. We boast of our versatility in our capacity of integration across more than 500 systems and highly modifiable work processes.

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Advantages :

  • Time-tested and steady platform used across all majorsectors.
  • Extremely configurable, auto adjustable and criteria based work processes.
  • Synergy with various core systems enables data embedment within the system.
  • Proactive notifications on risks and auto acknowledgment of anomalies.
  • Instinctive and cutting-edged user experience engineers top data quality and no preparation.
  • All-inclusive reporting and live dashboards steers a prompt decision making.
  • The veteran consultants and the time-tested methodologies cut down the risks,obvious in large scale deployments.