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Let us know you and your brand requirements in order to cater to you in a better way

Multiply Sending Triggered Loyalty Drives :

While branding through email, make sure you treat each of your customers in a unique way for no two people are same. With Repumonk’s Retail Marketing Solution, eCommerce retailers can have full grip on selecting the content and texts that appeal to their target segments according to their level of integrity, and the consumer life-cycle.

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Motorize Conversions With Targeted Email Drive :

Retail email branding, based on the customer behavior, is one of the most time tested methods to engage your consumers on their shopping spree. As per analysis, customers always tend to buy more when they’re on their highs of the spree or just thereafter. Hence, a real-time reciprocation to their buying needs is instrumental in driving your retail conversions. Here, Repumonk’s Marketing Solutions Retail Industry is a one stop solution for trigger-branding like auto-cart abandonment, flash sale ventures or more.

Extend your Reach with Multi-channel Ventures :

The real trick of fetching volumes of customers lies in interacting with them on their comfort level. While many customers don’t reply to emails, they may react to the push messaging advertisements on their mobile phones. Repumonk’s intuitive Retail Marketing Solution campaigns makes it all the more easy to leverage multi-level, multi-channel branding endeavors.

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Run Your Test drives And Optimization techniques with Ease :

Remember, a continuous field testing and fine-tuning of your branding ventures will keep you ahead of the curve. Which is why our Marketing Solutions Retail Industry believes in automating the whole process for you so that you can easily skyrocket your campaigns in a creative way. These automated test drives can give retailers like you wide choices of winning variation, test tenures, and digitally unlimited content choices, which once determined, will be optimized for your audience.

Fine-tune Ventures To Drive Effective Outputs :

Our Retail Marketing Solution is all set for those retailers who dream to yield consumer lifetime revenue — more than just opens, visits and more. Our technology helps retailers gain a clear insight into those campaigns that help in quick conversions, repeat sales, consumer loyalty, average cart value, and more shopper oriented metrics, and make retail campaign automation and optimization easy to steer performance based on those metrics.

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Make the Most of Your Consumer Life-cycle :

Repumonk Marketing Solutions Retail Industry helps in a more optimized and triggered messaging and analysis by classifying your consumer base according to their life cycle stages automatically. This can immensely help you win back your lost clients, connect to the negative consumers and convince your one-time shoppers to make their second purchases. You will not only get a better grip on the staple metrics like the average cart value by segment and more, but you will learn how to place your marketing efforts.

Our Powerful Classification Builder Takes You Beyond The Surface :

Did you know, Repumonk Retail Marketing Solution can keep you on the top of your consumer behaviors and properties across networks and devices? What’s more, the consumer data that it fetches you for your flexible segmentation is simply unparalleled. Tell us to create a categorization of your consumers, according to their buying patterns over a specific range of items, or certain age range, or how they came to know about your brand. Your deeper intervention with customer segmentation, will help your messaging with better precision.

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Unwind Your Staple Consumer Segments :

Your consumer segmentation doesn’t just end with your successful triggered messaging, but it’s a means to some higher end. You can use it to add further filtration in your data reporting and analysis to bring fine comparison of the key consumer behaviors and metrics Vs. your one time purchasers, or intra-shopping categories. The best thing about this segmentation is that it offers you transparency across your consumers and their needs to help you engage them for generating more revenue.

Grab The Attention of Your Customers At The Right Time :

When addressed at the right moment, chances are more for conversions. Which’s why automating run-time, behavior-targeted messaging is still so critical. With Repumonk’s Marketing Solutions Retail Industry, you can convert more buyers with individualized cart, individualized post-sale associations and re-stock campaigns, or even favorite re-fill alert. Run-time personalization helps better identify what your customers want, and when exactly they want.

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Make Correct Recommendations:

What makes your customers align with your brand is your products’ capacity, adaptability and personalization to make up to their expectations of marketing preferences, and your recommendations of new products from your customers’ favorite lists. Repumonk’s Retail Marketing Solution achieve the highest consistency of conversion and optimized, real-time recommendation due to its flawless insights on customers’ buying patterns and smart machine-learning capabilities to serve the most relevant content at any point of time.

Give Your Old Advertisements A New Face :

Make your newsletters and other adverts as effective as your triggered messages with us. Now add bespoke individualized features including browsed product images, or new launch recommendations to any campaign. Repumonk’s anonymous tracking of purchasing patterns makes personalization of even welcome series easier like never before.

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Advantages :

  • Flexible to overhaul your existing marketing potential or stand as a one leverage platform.
  • Armour retailers to work on consumer data and analytics, independent of IT.
  • Add 3X volume to repeat sales.
  • Average cart value growth up to 150%.
  • Building genuine consumer loyalty and selling across segments.
  • Unravel incomplete purchases and identify product and brand.