Customer Survey

Let us know you and your retail goals in order to serve your purpose better.

Consumer surveys are instrumental to gain an insight on your client’s mindset. Their reviews can give you ample opportunities to improve your retail products and services by getting you closer to their needs. Our Retail Marketing Solution works on the data collected from surveys and use it for its optimized analysis.

Targets towards optimum fruitfulness :

Stay focused to the Data integrity

Repumonk’s Marketing Solutions Retail Industry promises tight sealed security of your compiled data against all the social media hacks and frauds. Our unique validation codes and algorithms instantly help detect all duplicities towards a robust data integrity. Here, the reaction pattern analysis can also help provide a complete compliance with your data protection and the harness of these methodologies can save your survey from the intrusion of your malicious internal or external customers who’s apathetic to your retail reputation.

Reporting Interfaces

Our effective Marketing Solutions Retail Industry software comprises a sturdy reporting wizard to help you get a smooth access to your customers’ voice surveys. We also ensure a mobile compatible website that is bundled with smart reporting features that trigger actionable steps for clients more easily.

Yo-yo responses

Our second to none Retail Marketing Solution can invoke huge responses with an extensive use of sampling techniques randomly,in order to represent your customer voice properly where the representation should be based on your entire client base.

Shooting client review campaigns

Repumonk’s Retail Marketing Solution actualize modular survey applications for developing client reviews and VOC with the following advantages:

  • This application places your customers’voice to the front with a loyalty module and core client satisfaction.
  • These dynamic modules help businesses of all sizes address the frequently asked questions by the customers in a smarter way.

Program architecture

We strive at tailor-making and designing client feedback’s, info, attendance, incentives and methodologies of invitation across client lens. This beacons to the relevant retail strategies that are actionable to your cornerstone of concern.

Robust Analytics

Repumonk’s Marketing Solutions Retail Industry employs a quantitative as well as qualitative approach based on the real facts. We turn each of your collected customer’s voice into actionable insights with our embedded analytical feature committed to deliver every single data to the right person at the right time.

Enlarge your retail equity with reviews :

Today’s next gen consumers expect a prompt response from the company of their choice. As a retailer, you need to pay full attention to your craftsmanship at listening to what your customers have to say as that will hugely substantiate your brand’s impression. It’s only with your instant reciprocal system, addressing your customers’ queries, that you can give your business a flight as a true brand leader.

With our Retail Marketing Solution, you can prioritize, surveil and initiate action on the feedback’s collected from your customers.

The best thing about our survey interface is it can engineer operations across devices like smart phones, tabs, laptops and landlines, in both the online and the offline business hours giving you a touch point access to the posts anytime anywhere.

Review Management

Classifications of stakeholders who are able to advocate their equity with the help of an optimized client voice program are below:

  • Sales persons
  • Location directors
  • Social networking mangers
  • Department mangers
  • HR& training
  • BPO& eCommerce operations

This is how customer voice surveys take place :

IVR: In this case your customers can buzz at the toll-free number of the call center.

Call center follow-up: Email surveys are triggered as a follow-up resolution

POS: Invitations on-receipt is used for survey

Website interceptor Pop-up survey: Post browsing your site customers receive in-session invitation to give their valuable feedback’s.

Build better business insight with customer reviews as you come to know the following :

  • What customers do feel about your retail brand?
  • Are your customers interested for a comeback in the future? If not, what’s the reason?
  • Is our delivery of services is satisfactory for our customers?
  • What are our negative checkpoints in service delivery?
Customer Loyalty reward program

VOC surveys gain their strength from their Net Promoter Scores :

The customers’ voice surveys, also popularly known as the scored evaluations, allow your customers to leave their valuable feedbacks upon receiving a service at your retail where they can add powerful reviews on both their experience and the staff courtesy.These surveys offer both theopen ended and the close ended questionnaires.

Our Marketing Solutions Retail Industry emphasizes on custom tailoring your survey length to a maximum of five minutes,giving you a smooth trimming options for the dropouts. You can ask at least fifteen to twenty questions in that length.

Focal points of the net promoter score analysis :

  • Chances of your customers to recommend your company’s products or services to others.
  • Willingness of your customers to visit at your retail, in the future.

Analyse, curate and follow consumer experiences at various call centers :

Pay attention to installing a call centre at varyingtouch points. No matter, they are customer centric, informative or transaction oriented, these call centrescan act as the towering stalwarts for your one point customer interaction.

Repumonk’s Retail Marketing Solution provides the run-time call center services that can add voice to your exemplary services and aid in your efforts to bridge the gap between you and the customers.

Loyalty program fro restaurant

Finally, this one-of-a-kind call center voice based consumer survey will help you, more than anything, to get transparency and achieve clarity about your buyers’ genuine experiences about your products and services. Your access to valuable info like, wait times, offline follow up, call resolution, professionalism, and friendliness of the attender, will be available at various touch points, which will also get you covered on your Omni channel endeavors.