SMS Loyalty Marketing

Impactful Client Loyalty through Automated SMS, Email, and Mobile Alerts Can Create More Returning Customers at Your Shop than Ever

Text Messaging For Retail Commerce :

Text or SMS service is a time tested, robust tool for businesses of all sizes at every location, no matter it’s campaigned for your brand promotion or engaging your fresh and regular clients. For retails churning SMS campaigns, messaging the customers regularly on special deals and offers, through Repumonk’s Loyalty Program Retail Industry, can both add to the basket of revenue as well as the brand awareness. Branding with SMS or text service is comparatively a high engagement and low cost venture that can pull fresh clients for you and give you platforms for retaining your old ones.

Social Media Management for Dental Doctor
Social Media Management for Healthcare Industry

Sections :

Now shoot even smarter SMS messages to your clients with Customer Categorizations. This sturdy feature lets you build compartmentalized sections of subscribers according to their buying habits and behavioural patterns and skyrocket your texting campaigns. Use Repumonk’s Retail Loyalty Program to build classified customer segments, opt for the custom group in your SMS target select and add filters to define its status. The criteria you add can be any field from the default to custom, that’s added through our info collection methods. There is no limit to the criteria you can add.

Info Collection :

Accumulate and Utilize Your Subscriber Info: Every response from your subscribers on your SMS campaigns of data collection, is securely stored in your customer database along with their mobile numbers. With a smooth access to this database anytime, anywhere, you can use it to create tailored and appealing individualistic SMSs. For ex., with our Loyalty Program Retail Industry apps, you can personalize your each message for your subscribers to address them uniquely by their names.

Social Media Management for Hotels Industry
Social Media Management for Hotels Industry

Custom-built Fields :

This dynamic feature lets you personalize your message campaign further by delivering individualized text prompts for each of your target customers on the bulk campaign. With our Retail Loyalty Program, you can shoot bulk SMSs without giving your customers the slimmest guess that you are sending them a mass message.

Bespoke fields make it easy for you to import or collect your subscriber data, including their names, URLs, Email addresses, pin codes, and more. Below mentioned are the default custom fields that get auto added to your Repumonk retail account:

  • Mobile number
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • Field name
  • Birthday
  • Extra note

Automatize Smart Replies :

With Repumonk’s Retail Loyalty Program, enjoy unlimited usage of the top-level keywords in your text campaigns. Enjoy the full freedom to use your main keywords with a gazillion of sub-keywords under them, referred to as the triggers that can dynamically reciprocate to the general questions and info requests that regularly come from your customers. For ex., set a “Contact” sub-keyword to automatically reciprocate with your retail’s contact info when a client sends the same keyword to you.

Social Media Management for Restaurant
Social Media Management for Restaurant

SMS Branding Automation :

Now automate your business text messages right from your retail’s dashboard with our text scheduling feature. Gone are the days of waiting for a perfect moment to shoot your commercial texts, you can now set all of your crucial messages in advance with the text scheduling feature and the auto responders. These optimized features can give you complete freedom to store all your important text right in your calendar at a go.

Post Updates to All Your Social Media Channels in a Jiffy :

So, looks like SMS branding is a one man army for your marketing efforts. But nothing could be any better if you could expand your reach further to nail the social media marketing as well. With our Loyalty Program Retail Industry app, you can sync your messaging campaigns right on the social media pages where you can upload all your SMS branding updates with a single tap. This will keep your followers posted with just one click.

Social Media Management for Retail Industry

Advantages :

  • Cutting-edgedSMS branding, strategy consultation and regulatory abidance.
  • Round the clock account and critical support.
  • Seamless and mobile-friendly layouts.
  • Short code for the high-volume and high-speed messages.
  • Second site replication of all data.
  • Powerful API confirms SMS compatibility and custom integration across all apps.
  • Smart multi-LOC management hacks with better security solutions.