Automated wish Message

Praise and Wish Congratulation to your Customer

The recent consumer loyalty epidemic everywhere clearly demonstrates how consumer loyalty has now become the cornerstone of long-term business concern for every retailer.

Keep up to the expectations of your loyal customers and curate them a special treatment just the way they deserve from their regular stops, with Repumonk’s Loyalty Program Retail Industry. Or else there is no dearth of your competitors who can snatch your potentials right from your nose by throwing some steal birthday deals. You will not only lose a potential celebration sparks, but also a chunk of sales opportunity from your target audience.

Electronic Message :

Birthday messages by email are hands down the most commonly used loyalty scheme among retailers; whether it’s a large business sending out data-driven automated birthday messages or smaller retailers sending emails old school-style, email can obtain great results if strategically formatted.

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Why email?

  • Nominal expenditure
  • Dynamically automated
  • Well integrated with the present loyalty schemes
  • Templates are availableacross-the-board
  • Well synced with marketing graphics

There is possibly no one who doesn’t send an e-mail for at least one of her/his twenty to-dos in a day. As per the present survey, there are more than already 3.2 billion mail accounts on the virtual network, 95% of buyers have their e-mail accounts and 91% out of them open their in boxed drops. But sadly, it’s not a very large segment of subscribers who open their emails regularly. Here, Repumonk’s Loyalty Program Retail Industry can help you work on the subject line with a subtle personalization can give you a win-win trick. For ex., an eye catching subject line that flashes a knockout deal preceded by the customer name can be a real head-turner.

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You sure don’t need a therapist to confirm that your e-mail personalization will set your message aside from all that’s junk, spam ordrablypromotional. Then comes the main e-mail body that has the last laugh with your celebration relevant branding– party contours, birthday bump packages, celebration dishes and everything that makes sense for your business. Just keep it snappy and precise.

SMS Message :

Everyone’s fully aware of the huge advantages of mobile marketing with Repumonk’s Retail Loyalty Program. In fact, acknowledging your consumers’ birthdays with just a text was never easier before. With maximum of open ratings, these bulk texts solutions are a minimum cost, easy for automation and delivered to your consumer instantly!

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Why Should One Use A Text Loyalty?

  • Low Expense
  • Easy Automation
  • 98% open rate
  • Personalized
  • Instant

Mobile branding with texts allows an easy automation and advance scheduling of your messages to save you the hassles of planning and actions as a smart retailer. Today’s busiest retailers find their best resort to this marketing option as there’s no template, graphics or layout involved in this.

Text marketing has barely an emphasis on personalization as text messages are seen with a single prompt. Here, the warmth of your approach is the staple concern for the local retails. Hence, sending a precise and simple greeting with our Loyalty Program Retail Industry tools,accompanied by an exciting offer, sale or freebie is the key factor to win your customer’s heart over a long time.

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Point of Sale Alerts :

Today’s fast-moving, retail chains preferan automated POS birthday alert where acashier is instantly notified about a due birthday offer the moment his customer swipes his/her loyalty card in store. POS notifications work the best in restaurants and eateries and they’re not at all time consuming from the business point of view as there’s no need for age proofs, coupon code verification’s, hand copy of email prints or any excess work required.

Our Retail Loyalty Program recommends retailers to use the POS alerts in combination with another retail loyalty system like email or texts as there is a need for a slight reminder about the customer’s freebie that is due when they make any kind of purchase.

Direct Posts :

If you thought direct post-box mails will be time consuming and less cost-effective, it’s time for your hands-on experience before you move ahead with the belief.

It’s because the millions of messages over emails, digital media and mobiles are flooding customers every day that sending your greeting through the traditional mail services have less chances that your message will be left unopened and unnoticed.

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Repumonk’s Loyalty Program Retail Industry solution can help you create a smart single-sided celebration voucher that’s not at all hard on the wallet. The direct, simple and the personal approach of a postage is still regarded as the best option today, especially by the local retailers.