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We are able to offer you the best solutions for the guest intelligence for the hospitality industry. The cloud based solution enables us to get a though understanding of your restaurant’s operation, service strengths and also check the performance levels. We offer actionable insights which are meant to increase your rankings or OTAs, satisfaction levels and this will result in high revenue. If you have any defamatory content such as fake reviews, than we can assist you in delete fake TripAdvisor reviews or from any other online business directories

  • Using cloud based solutions
  • Giving actionable insights
  • Pioneer at guest intelligence solutions
  • Negative Review Removal

Earn more revenues by satisfying your guests :

We are pioneer at managing and benchmarking your restaurant’s reputation by using cloud based solutions. It will definitely going to increase your ran kings on the review sites.

  • Managing restaurant’s reputation
  • Bench-marking
  • Helping you to earn highest rank on review sites
Remove Negative Retail Reviews

High reputation is the key to earn more revenues

It can be said that a good reputation is a clear indication that you are satisfying the wants of your customers. If a restaurant is able to maintain their reputation then they are surly going to encounter high rates of revenues (ADR). With the assistance of our online reputation management solution you are able to:

Remove Negative Better Business Bureau Reviews

Gain more revenue with a hold on online reviews

A small increase in a hotels global index can result in a hike of up to 1.42% the in RevPAR.

Delete Negative Yelp Reviews

Increase your ranking

You can prioritize the service or operational enhancement with the help of review analytics.

Delete Negative Google Reviews

Gain a competitive edge

Get a detail about the weakness and strength of your competitors with the help of 475 concepts that are related to hospitality.

Respond to negative Google Reviews

Hotel Review Management :

With the popularity of Google and face book reviews it has become quite essential for a hotel to give appropriate response to the guests. A hotel has to give response to both negative as well as positive reviews. It is to be noted that your restaurant satisfaction level will increase with the timely response of reviews.

  • Responding to reviews
  • Addressing review on time

Sentimental analysis :

We are able to give you a detail of the negative as well as positive reviews of your guest so that you are able to make required improvements in your business.

  • Improving operational services
  • Reporting guest reviews
Remove Bad Retail Reviews
Remove Fake Retail Review

Competitive intelligence :

We are pioneer at giving you a detail regarding the performance of your competitors and conduct a sentimental analysis with the help of review sources and also as per language or country. We also provide the removal services such Delete Fake TrueLocal Reviews or Remove Negative TripAdvisor Reviews or from any other online business listing

  • Giving insight into competitors
  • Measuring competitors performance through review sources

Monitoring social media :

The best way to know about the mindset of your customer is to track the reviews of the guest and get a clear understanding about the things that are talked by them about your company. Our dashboard comes with an automatic alert system which will assist you to engage with your guests and take adequate action when needed.

  • Track customer with automate alerts
  • Know what your guests are talking about you
  • Engage with your guests with the help of dashboards
Remove Negative Retail Reviews from Google
Remove Negative Retail Reviews from Yelp

Mobile App :

We sue n intuitive app that provides you notifications and alerts which will help you to take appropriate action against your guests. You can also get an engaging experience with your guests.

  • Get automatic alerts
  • Engage with your guests

Ticketing system :

The use of ticketing systems can help you to resolve any sort of operational problems and get consultation from relevant person and resolve it quickly.

  • Get solutions of operation issue
  • Using ticketing system
Remove Negative Retail Business Review

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